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So let me start by saying that I am not writing this because I have the answers. I have lost two stone and become a little healthier in myself but I am writing about it because I struggle with it and I want to share this with other singers and performers in particular as our bodies state of health does, in a lot of ways determine if we perform well or not.

Now when you're on a gig and you're not Adele. You kind of get what you are given. The client could even say, “sorry all the food has gone!” This happened to me on a boat where I was performing. Now unless I wanted to swim through a London river, I was stuck with some weird spicy peanuts. Needless to say I was really angry. Even if it's in the contract to have a healthy meal, once you are at the performance and you are miles from a Marks and spencer, you eat whatever they give you right? And if not, where are you going to eat after? Also it will be the early hours of the morning and thats not a healthy time to eat, but I can tell you its McDonalds, thats the only place open at that time, or a kebab house!

Sometimes clients think you are ungrateful for a pizza but only a performer understands that after weeks and weeks or performing, if you really are going to eat 4 pizzas a week you will not only be a fattass, you will feel terrible, how the hell are you suppose to perform on that crap? Your body needs the right fuel. From time to time you can have a pizza and some sweets on a gig but as a treat. It is not sustainable and I can promise you. Time creeps up and you're like “Omg, I'm two stone heavier” and you don't even realise you are doing it. The reason I bring up weight is because, I don't have any interest in being under weight, I would like to be the healthy weight for my height. The truth is, if my eating was good, my weight would be just right. I also have found that eating badly will also increase how many times you get sick. People, you need your fruit and veg, you really do! I'm not here to talk about exercise so I will stick the food thing!

Here are some tips for my fellow performers:

Tracking what eat is the best way to find out how well you really eat

Use Fitness Pal

Now this is good as you can log in all your meals and snacks, it will tell you the nutritional worth of anything you type in and scan. I will warn you, you're going to have a lot of “No way” moments. That tiny chocolate bar is actually 400 calories and filled with salt, that katsu curry is 1400 cals, that yoghurt is 90% of your total daily sugar intake etc anyway my point is it forces you to think about everything you put in your mouth as daunting as it seems.

5 A Day

Go to the shops and buy some carrots, apples whatever, make sure you include it into your every day habit. If you don't want to eat fruit, make a smoothie. This stuff counts and keeps your immune system strong.

When on a job

Have a back up plan, something like this would be perfect. The Tuna is packaged in a way to keep it fresh without it being kept in a fridge, you have a liquorice bar which is yummy and a slightly naughty treat and the fruit is two of your five a day. On a gig this should keep you going and you could even have two of the tuna packs if you're super hungry as its low in fat and its protein based.

Lost Calories and losing nutritional value

Make small changes!

For example

Healthier option's

Eggs on toast - skip the bread and go eggs with fresh tomatoes.

Chicken and chips - swap for Chicken, rice and peppers

Spaghetti Bolognese - Just take out that pasta carrying all the lost carbs and add some chickpeas and more veg!

Chips, bread, crisps have absolutely no nutritional value. They just add calories and don't give you any slow releasing energy. All Junk. Be careful with yoghurts. I was so shocked, I had a tiny one today and it was so sugary I couldn’t believe it so make sure you look at the labels and buy one's with less fat content. Don't keep drinking cokes, I love them but I have to limit to one a day. Try to have herbal teas and water and limit coffee to 2 cups a day. Too much caffeine can cause horrid headaches. If you want to be much healthier, really take note of what your’e having with your meals and most importantly don't lie to yourself. I have still got a bit to go but I am pleased that I am conscious of what I am eating so I can have a healthier future. I hope this helps others!

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