• Milly

New Singing Gear!

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

So for my birthday my boyfriend brought me a Perform-V vocal pedal made by TC Helicon. We have a music room in our flat filled with his guitar pedals and they just looked so complicated to me! When I opened my birthday present to find I had a vocal pedal I was so excited but I was also thinking it would be too difficult for me to learn how to operate as I have never used anything like this before. I found very quickly that it's super easy to use whilst singing! I have to say I fell in love with this piece of quirky gear about 30 sec into my first show with it. It’s really small, easy to clip on your mic stand, I was so surprised as to how much its added to my performance. I fear its started something now as I just want more of them now! However this is the perfect ‘first timer’ effects pedal! Why do I love it so much? There's so many reasons, but a few to say the least…You can create high quality vocals with three reverb, doubling, and echo effects built in! So if performing outside it’s easy to just pop on a bit of reverb and it adds some magic and character to your vocals. I love some of the presets such as the harmoniser aside from that, if you feel you need it for any dodgy notes it even has a slight pitch correction!

The best part is, its all just one button press away. So simple, beautifully designed, thank you TC Helicon for making something so easy and effective for singers! I would never part with this now I have it. I will most definitely be demonstrating this awesome piece of gear on my youtube channel later this year.

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