• Milly

Why Lorde's album Melodrama is a jaw dropper

So why did I find this album so amazing? Just listen to it and you will know why. There I was thinking the best from her was the hit single Royals, but oh how wrong I was. She hadn't even touched the surface. She is evidently artistically growing at a rapid rate. Her writing is beautiful and my particular favourite was Liability. It brought tears to my eyes almost immediately. It's such an emotional song about her loneliness as an artist, quote 'I'm just a toy that people enjoy, until all of the tricks don't work anymore, and then they are bored of me'. Then theres other tracks on there such as 'Homemade Dynamite' which is a kind of sexy and ethereal sound for me, mixed with some serious dance pop vibes. This album really showcases her creative freedom and proves that she hasn't allowed herself to be put in to a box. Its like she's written an entire lifetime of events within the album even though she's still a young lady. Take from it what you will, but when I heard Melodrama I really felt a connection to her story telling with these beautiful and unique songs. If you are a singer/song writer I would strongly suggest listening to this impressive album for some serious inspiration. Lorde is one of those artists that does not come along often.

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